To seek help and support from the Malaysian government, local oil suppliers, and oil companies operating in Malaysia to ensure that offshore jobs is given to qualified Malaysians as priority.

Contribute views and suggestions to oil & gas operators as well as the government in solving problems regarding the interests of its members in line with government policies and regulations related to the oil & gas industry.

To represent the Malaysian offshore workers in bringing forward problems that arise to the government and the oil & gas operators.

To become the reference for all matters related to offshore activities be it in the field of employment or in a crisis like a national disaster which involves rescue operations at sea and the rivers


Cause to succeed and support the National Economic Policy and Vision 2020
To unite and bring together each member of the association according to their qualifications.
To create a strong and balanced bond between members of the association.
To produce wiser and more successful association members and employees.
To fight for and to defend the rights of members of the association.